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12 Delicious Types of Kebabs You Must Try in India

The delicious juicy word "kebab" is derived from the  word "kabab," which means "to roast" in Arabic.

 Kebabs have been a favorite for a very long time now, and are believed to have originated in the Middle Eastern region, particularly among the Persian and Ottoman Empires.

This fascinating practice of skewering and grilling meat spread across various cultures and regions, including South Asia. And with time, each region adapted the kebab to their own local tastes, ingredients and their unique signature culinary techniques.

In India, the kebabs have been heavily influenced by the Mughal cuisine, which blended Middle Eastern cooking methods with aromatic Indian spices and ingredients, resulting in a large variety of deliciously diverse and flavourful kebabs that are popular worldwide today.

Indian cuisine has always been known for its rich traditional aromatic spices that are diverse regionally and kebabs are no exception.

Types of kebabs in India vary significantly by region, reflecting local tastes, spices and every state’s unique culinary traditions.

Let’s trail blaze the different types of kebabs in India and we’ll tell you the 12 most delicious types of kebabs you must-Try in India that you can so conveniently order online from Charcoal Eats

Types of Kebabs

·    Veg kebabs

·    Chicken kebabs

·    Mutton kebabs

·    Seekh Kebabs



Types of Vegetarian kebabs

Vegetarian kebabs in India are the nutrient rich healthy yummy vegan alternative to the meat-based kebabs, using a variety of vegetables and spices to create this delicious dish. Let’s see some popular types: 

  •  Hara Bhara Kebab : Generally made with the green spinach, green peas, potatoes and a whole world of spices, these veg kebabs are healthy and packed with nutrients. 

  • Paneer Tikka : Big chunks of paneer (Indian cottage cheese) are marinated in spices and yogurt and they are then grilled or baked to make this very popular appetizing starter.

  •  Vegetable Seekh Kebab :This nutritious delicious kebab is made with a mix of grated vegetables, paneer and spices, they are then shaped around skewers and grilled.


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  •  Corn and Cheese Kebab : These veg kebabs are made with mashed corn, cheese and spices which offers a sweet, cheesy and savoury taste.


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  • Moong Dal Kebab : Made with moong dal (green gram) and spices, these veg kebabs are very protein-rich and tasty.

  •  Dahi Ke Kebab : This traditional recipe of veg kebabs is  very popular in Bengal, the kebabs made are very soft and creamy as they are typically made from hung curd, cheese and spices.

  •  Tandoori Mushroom Kebab : Marinated mushrooms are grilled to perfection, these spiced up kebabs are often served as appetizers.

  •  Lauki Kebab : Made from bottle gourd (lauki), these veg kebabs are very healthy and are generally lightly spiced.

  •  Sweet Potato Kebab : Made from sweet potatoes and spices, the sweet potato kebab is delectable offering a twist with its sweet and spicy flavour.

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Types of Indian Chicken Kebab 

There is a wide variety in types of chicken kebab in  India.

  • Malai Kebab : Popular in Gujarat and Maharashtra, these are creamy and mild-flavoured chicken kebabs marinated with cream, yogurt and mild spices.  

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  • Tandoori Chicken Kebab : The chicken in this Kebab is first marinated in yogurt and tandoori masala, then grilled in a tandoor.

  •  Hariyali Kebab : In this Kebab the chicken is marinated with a green paste made of cilantro, mint and other spices and then grilled on the tandoor.

  •  Tangri Kebab :  In this popular form of Kebab the chicken drumsticks are first marinated with spices and yogurt, then grilled or baked.

  •  Kali Mirch Kebab : Popular in Hyderabad, these spicy chicken kebabs are first marinated with a load of black pepper and other spices, then they are grilled to a juicy finish.

  •  Chicken Tikka : One of the most popular kebabs, the Chicken Tikka are boneless chicken pieces that have been marinated in spices and yogurt, then grilled on skewers.

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  • ·Reshmi Kebab : These kebabs are well-known for their silky texture. They are first marinated in a mixture of cream, yogurt and mild spices which gives them that silk smoothness.

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  • Peshawari Chicken Kebab :  The city of Mumbai has been influenced by Peshawari cuisine in their kebabs recipes. These richly flavoured kebabs from the Peshawar region are marinated with yogurt and spices and then they are grilled to perfection.

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Types of Mutton Kebab

  •  Shami Kebab : Common in Kolkata, these kebabs are made from minced meat/ chicken and Chana dal and lots of spices, they are then made into patties and are usually  pan-fried.


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  •  Galouti Kebab : Originating from Lucknow, these kebabs are very well-known  for their melt-in-the-mouth texture and are made with finely minced meat with a blend of aromatic spices and are quite typically shallow-fried.

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  • Tunde Kebab : This is a variant of Galouti from Lucknow and quite known for its complex mix of spices. these mutton kebabs are famous for their secret mix of over 100 spices.

  •  Boti Kebab : These kebabs are big chunks of mutton that have been marinated in spices and then grilled.

  •  Chapli Kebab : Though its recipe is originally from Pakistan, these flat, spicy minced meat kebabs are generally pan-fried and are popular in Madhya Pradesh, especially in Bhopal.

  •  Kakori Kebab : Originating from Kakori, these kebabs are quite similar to the seekh kebab but just that these are softer and more full of flavours.

  • Burrah Kebab : These kebabs are marinated mutton chops that are later grilled or barbecued and are quite known for their robust flavour.

 Types of Seekh Kebab

  •  Mutton Seekh Kebab : Most popular in Punjab and Delhi, these kebabs are minced meat kebabs that are heavily spiced and grilled on skewers.

  •  Chicken Seekh Kebab : Minced chicken is mixed with strong spices and then skewered and grilled to varying degrees of doneness.

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 Beef Seekh Kebab:  These kebabs are popular in regions with a significant Muslim population, they made with minced beef and spices.

 Fish Seekh Kebab : These kebabs are made with minced fish and mixed with spices, they are then skewered and grilled.

 Lamb Seekh Kebab:  This variant in kebabs is similar to mutton seekh kebab but made with lamb, they are known for their tender and juicy texture.


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Indian kebabs are a very rich blend of spices and diverse traditional cooking techniques with each region adding its own unique touch, making Indian kebabs a delightful culinary journey across the country.

They offer a delicious gastronomic adventure, reflecting India’s vibrant culinary heritage. From the succulent Galouti Kebab of Lucknow to the creamy Malai Kebab of Gujarat, each variant tells a unique story of regional flavours, spices and cooking traditions.

Whether you are a meat lover or a vegetarian, there is a kebab for everyone to savour. As you explore these 12 delicious Must-Try types of kebabs from Charcoal Eats conveniently available through order online, you’ll discover the true essence of traditional Indian cuisine.

 Enjoy the journey through these mouth-watering delights from Charcoal Eats and bring the unique tastes of India to your table.... Happy feasting!

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