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Is Biryani a Rivaaz that is followed on every festive occasion?

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

Biryani, sometimes called the Nawab of all the Dishes, is well known worldwide. It is in gossip most of the time, not just because of the taste it offers and the satisfaction it gives to your craving or hunger, but because some people call it Pullav Veg Biryani. There is nothing like Veg Biryani that exists. So, apart from all that is being said about Biryani, let's know the importance of this authentic and royal dish in our festivals.

Wondering if Biryani, a rich and flavorful layered Indian Dish, is a Rivaz prepared for festivals and occasions. Well, we know that food is unique to any celebration, be it a festival, a ceremony, or a little get-together.

The Biryani Gossips…

Biryani is one of the most loved and eaten foods in South Asia and among the diaspora from the region. Other countries worldwide, including Iraq, Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia, offer great tastes in Biryani. There are many discussions about the origins of this cuisine. Still, most experts think it originated in Persia as a simple rice and meat dish before making its way to India. Numerous biryani recipes then developed, mostly in areas where Muslims had a culinary influence, particularly in Hyderabad in south India but also throughout the southern coast. The location of the dish's origin determines the dish's countless variations. While some variations are minor, others can be differentiated by adding or replacing certain ingredients. But when it comes to India, on Indian online meal ordering and delivery services, Biryani is the only dish that receives the most orders.

Biryani is prepared with rice layered with Indian spices and some form of meat. However, it can also be made without any meat and occasionally with the addition of eggs and potatoes, which might not be the proper form of a Biryani. Still, yes, some people relish Biryani this way as well.

Plant-based biryani is also available for those who don't eat non-veg for some reasons. Plant-based Biryani offers the taste of authentic non-veg Biryani, but it is vegetarian.So, there are plenty of options to choose from. The Perfect Biryani for Perfect Celebration.

Preparing Biryani requires time and experience, but it is well worth the effort. Depending on the type of Biryani you make, meat or vegetables are layered with long-grained rice (like basmati), a rich sauce, and fragrant spices like saffron. The Biryani is then cooked over a low flame while being covered, and its lid is sealed with the dough called Dum Pukht Biryani. The spices infuse the aroma and taste into the rice while the process happens. This dish is unquestionably for special occasions. From ingredients to the methods of its preparation, Biryani is a dish that makes every day a celebration. So, yes, Biryani is a Rivaaz that is followed on special occasions and a Rivaaz that makes a perfect occasion.

Bring on the Biryani, no matter what festival it is!

Biryani goes well with practically any occasion and that’s why it is considered as a Rivaaz followed on every celebration or festival. Don't trust us? Read on here to know how it is so:

  • With no doubts, the food that is most frequently served on Eid is Biryani. Most people eat the most delicious and savory chicken biryani with a bowl of curd and salad. Either mutton or chicken can be used to make the Biryani. The rice is slow-cooked with seasonings, veggies, and bits of meat in the recipe. With just one taste, there is a flavor and scent explosion.

  • Kolkata Style Biryani is a meaty treat for Bengalis during the Durga Pooja season in October! With mouthwatering fish dishes and rossogollas, it makes for a delicious dish.

  • Whether freshly prepared at home or supplied, Biryani fits nicely with the late-night celebrations of Diwali. The dish's rich and flavorful aroma is much more enjoyable in the house than the dangerous smoke and burning firecrackers outside.

  • The aroma of the delicious Biryani is simply impossible to match. Additionally, for the millennial generation, Biryani goes great with beer. Mumbai residents even have a term for it: "Beer-Yani." Many even hold Festive Parties to celebrate this food-beverage pairing, extending their adoration to pop culture.

  • This celebration of biryani and beer flavors is the place to be when devotees keep adding to their mugs and order party food online, encouraging even more enthusiasts to gather for a Christmas or New Year's Eve celebration.

  • A usual day becomes an occasion when there is a get-together and it is completed only by eating Biryani.

With its journey to almost every part of the world, to now in India, the variety in Biryani is which might confuse you to choose from. Be it any Biryani or an experiment on Biryani, the most preferred by people are Dum Baked Chicken Tikka Biryani,Ustaadi Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani, Makhmali Afghani Chicken Tikka Biryani, Smoked Butter Chicken Biryani, Dum Baked Awadhi(Lucknowi) Chicken Biryani, Dum Baked Spicy Paneer Biryani, Ustaadi Hyderabadi Mutton Biryani, Dum Baked Kathal Biryani, Paneer Makhani Biryani, Chatpata Chicken Tikka Biryani, Ustaadi Hyderabadi Veg Biryani, Dum Baked Awadhi(Lucknowi) Veg Biryani, Dum Baked Aloo & Baby Corn Biryani.

The most important part of Biryani is preparing it slowly and into steps which gives a feeling of heaven in every bite taken. No matter a country's culture or religion, food is a crucial component of each celebration. It can assist a group of individuals in maintaining a shared identity and strengthening communal ties. Food is used worldwide to commemorate important events, including Christmas, the New Year, marriages, and birthdays. And Biryani is one such dish which is liked by the majority of people and is considered as a Riwaaz followed on most of the occasions.

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