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The Best Rolls to Try at Charcoal Eats: Explore the Varieties

For the love of Rolls

Remember that movie, Ratatouille, when Alton takes that first bite of Ratatouille, and it brings back the memories of his childhood...that’s the exact feeling just the thought Rolls brings to the mind.

We all have grown up with our mothers (literally with all her love) handing us out that roll of paratha filled with our favourite sabzi right in our hands when we would be rushing out of our homes for schools and college, skipping breakfast, Thank God!  for it was true, one roll indeed would suffice.

Rolls, truly are the most tasteful way to satiate our appetite, they are healthy and yes, we can say that with years of experience, they are filling, they are easy to carry, absolutely non-messy to eat, and a Ratatouille kind foodie delight even today when you order Rolls online from Charcoal eats and their quick delivery gets it right in your hands with love.

 order online Charcoal Eats Paneer Bhuna Roll, and your taste buds are going to be singing all through the day longing for more!

Your Charcoal Eats Paneer Bhuna  Roll comes loaded with chunks of huge tandoor smoked marinated paneer cubes that are slowly braised in onion gravy with smoking hot Charcoal Eats signature spicy harissa chutney and garlic mayo, chat masala and a hundred more spice flavours wrapped lovingly in a South Indian Malabar Paratha which you would find is crispy on the outside and soft within....drooly! and that at the convenience of home delivery, order Rolls from Charcoal Eats online, on any day when you want to fall in love with Rolls again and again.

Speaking of love for Rolls, we ain’t alone, the world loves them...and just as in love each has its own name for it, wanna check it out?

Types of Rolls

Let's explore different types of roles from various cultures around the world.

United States

Wraps: This delicious awesomeness is totally inspired by various global cuisines, using flour tortillas and other flavoured wraps loaded and filled with grilled chicken, Caesar salad, hummus and grilled vegetables.

(*psst...hey, our Charcoal Eats online order has a scrumptiously filling creamy Malai Chicken Tikka Roll / Chicken Tikka Roll/ Chicken Seekh Roll in which the yum Malabar Paratha wraps smoky, succulent, spicy and juicy chicken pieces in gingered creamy curry with yes, the Charcoal Eats signature spicy harissa chutney.)


 Latin American

 burrito: These are yummy Flour tortillas filled with deliciousness such as beans, rice, cheese, meat, and vegetables.

Taco: This crispy, crunchy corn or flour tortillas are folded around hot spiced fillings like meat, lots of cheese, lettuce and yes dearies salsa!

Arepa: These are cornmeal cakes from Venezuela or Colombia, they are split and the pockets are filled with ingredients like cheese, avocado or meats.


Middle Eastern and Mediterranean

Shawarma: The famous soft pita flatbread wrapped around marinated and rotisserie-cooked meat.

Falafel Wrap: These are deep-fried chickpea balls(falafel) wrapped in pita with vegetables and lots of spicy tahini sauce.

Gyro: This roll is a Greek wrap of pita bread with meat, usually pork or chicken and with fresh tomatoes, onions and spicy tzatziki sauce.

Souvlaki: This is a Greek wrap of pita is filled with grilled meat and usually served in with vegetables and the spicy tzatziki sauce.


·  Turkish

Döner Kebab: Thinly sliced rotisserie-cooked meat is wrapped in Lavash or Yufka flatbread with vegetables spicy tangy sauces and hummus.

Gözleme: The delicious traditional Turkish flatbread Yufka is filled with various ingredients like cheese, spinach or meat, folded and cooked on a griddle and served with hummus dip.

·  Southeast Asian

Spring Roll (Gỏi Cuốn): These Vietnamese rolls are fresh spring rolls made with rice paper and filled with shrimp, herbs, pork and vermicelli.

(oh yes! we know and have our own Indianized version we gorge on!)


·   Japanese

Sushi Rolls (Maki): This Japanese delicacy is rolls wrapped in seaweed (nori) and a filling of Vinegared rice seafood and vegetables.


·   Korean

Gimbap: These spicy hot Korean rice rolls are wrapped in seaweed and generously filled with ingredients like pickled radish, carrots, spinach and sometimes meat or fish.


All these wraps and rolls showcase not just the diversity of global cuisines and the adaptability of flatbreads, tortillas and parathas as wraps with various fillings and flavours but also our world's one unified love for beloved Rolls that so tastefully and gracefully satiates us.

Knowing about these diverse options does drive the desire to reach out for these options and adapt a few into our rolls like the Charcoal Eats signature chutney with its secret ingredients finds its inspiration from harissa sauce.

Harissa Sauce

Yes, Harissa is a North African chilli paste or sauce that actually originates from Tunisia but is also popular in other parts of the Maghreb region, including Algeria, Morocco Libya well and now India.

It's known for its rich, spicy and aromatic flavour and is often used to enhance the taste of meats, vegetables and stews.

Now, we don’t know the secret ingredients that Charcoal Eats adds to harissa sauce because they are a trade secret and make Charcoal Eats Rolls the best drool-worthy Rolls ever with this most amazing signature chutney that’s added.

But let’s take a closer look at the  Harissa sauce:


Harissa typically includes the following ingredients:

Chili Peppers: They are the primary ingredient and different types of dried or fresh red chilli peppers can be used totally depending on your desired heat level.

Garlic: This adds that pungent depth of flavour.

 Olive Oil: is basically used to blend the paste and provide it with a smooth texture, it’s layer on top of the prepared sauce also acts like a preservative increasing its shelf life.

Spices: common spices added are cumin, coriander and caraway seeds.

Tomato Paste: is sometimes added for a richer colour and tangy flavour.

Salt: but of course enhances the overall taste.

Herbal Variations: include adding lemon juice, roasted red peppers, and herbs like mint and cilantro.

·  Uses: The sauce is used to marinate, as a condiment dip, it’s a flavour enhancer in soups etc., and also as spreads.


But one of the best uses by far of Harissa's versatility and robust flavour has been made by Charcoal Eats in their Rolls,  you see, like their lip-smacking Paneer Makhani Roll, which yet again has large chunks of smoked paneer tikka with capsicum, spiced creamy makhani sauce, garlic mayo and cheese wrapped in that slight crispy Malabari paratha with their secret signature spicy harissa chutney, now what’s amazing is that with all that creamy cheesy paneer and so many flavours, the cheese cream doesn’t overpower, you still get that the smoked spice and tangy flavour of their secret signature chutney that will keep you smiling all day and rolling in love with Rolls.

 Order online your Rolls from  Charcoal Eats’ delightful variety of beloved Rolls and have the best Rolls delivered right to your doorstep with love!

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