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Master the Art of Making Veg Biryani at Home


Undisputably, one if our favourite dishes on the menu cards has fromever and ever been  “the Veg Biryani”. The  unquestionable choice of dish in main course served on family dinner outings. The one dish that’s sufficient as the main course itself, coming in a hundred variations of flavours and making its way straight to our hearts!

Types of veg biryani

Veg Biryani

Veg biryani dum 

Veg biryani Hydrabadi

Minty Paneer biryani 

Kabuli Chana  biryani 

Kabuli Chana kofta biryani 

Almond biryani 

Shahi korma biryani 

Lajjatdar handi biryani 

Our love stories with veg biryani has seen many a hurdles, shifting of jobs and residence, undeterred ,we can drive many a miles for that that perfect delectable taste of those aromatic spicy long grained wonders! And yes indeed, many of us have long distance affections too...when we wait on that opportunity to travel to an entire different city to savour the flavours of our favourite veg biryani!

What if you could create this wonder in your own one can come close to that perfect plate you order at your most favourite restaurant, but, what if we told you, there really was a perfect no fail veg biryani recipe ...replicating exactly the taste of your favourite veg biryani, you have to  be careful is following the steps, adding all the recipe mentioned veg biryani ingredients including the veg biryani masala and have to be very careful about the timing of cooking and delicacy of handling the grains.

Let’s get started then!

OK so one thing we ought to remember is that veg biryani is not just about loading lots of vegetables in rice, it’s a very elaborate process taking a lot of time and all your efforts are  sure to earn you that perfect taste and praise to all you serve.

A few tips to follow before beginning the recipe 

Veg Biryani is usually cooked in a handi /    deep nonstick pan to allow the flavours of herbs and spices to simmer, deepen and intensify locked in a deep handi.

Long grained Basmati Rice is recommended.

 The quantity of water used should be perfect to keep the grains intact too much water would give it a khichadi effect.

The vegetables added should also be precisely cooked not under cooked or over cooked.

Veg biryani is a combination of layers with cooked rice and veg gravy that is again cooked on simmer “dum” for another 30 minutes again.

Handling the biryani delicately is equally important to keep the rice grains from breaking.

This recipe is in English soon we shall be posting the Veg biryani recipe in hindi 

Veg biryani recipe

Preparation time 20minutes

Cooking time 1hour 15 minutes 

Total time 1hour 35 minutes 

Recipe Serving for 4

veg biryani rate of 1kg = 1600₹

Veg Biryani ingredients 

(For the Rice)

1 ½  cup long grained Basmati Rice soaked for 20 minutes 

1-2 bay leaves

2 small cardamom 

1 Big cardamom 

3 cloves of laung

A small cinnamon stick 

Salt as per taste 

4 ½ cups of water to cook the rice.

( For the Gravy)

3 tablespoons of vegetable oil 

3 tablespoon ghee

½ cup fresh curd

¼ cup of milk

4- 5 strands of saffon dissolved in 2 spoons of warm milk

1 ½ cup of mixed vegetables (par boiled)

Carrots, green peas, french beans, potatoes and cauliflower

1 cup of diced tomatoes 

½ cup of fresh green coriander chopped 

½ cup Paneer cut in fine small cubes

1 cup sliced onions 

5 cloves of garlic finely chopped 

A small piece of ginger grated

¾ spoon of cumin seeds 

2 dried red chillies

2 chopped green chillies 

½ spoon of turmeric powder

½ spoon of coriander powder 

½ spoon of kashmiri red chilies 

1/2 spoon of garam masala

¾ spoon of veg biryani masala 

Salt to taste

And a pinch of sugar (for good luck)

Making Veg Biryani dum

Process : The Rice.

In a handi or a deep nonstick pan boil the soaked rice along with one bayleaf, 2 cloves, cardamom and cinnamon stick for 12 minutes or till they are just cooked.

Strain the cooked rice and keep it aside in a plate and allow it to cool.

Process: The Veg Gravy 

Heat the oil and add cumin seeds

Add a big cardamom, a small cardamom, a bayleaf, 2 cloves of laung and fry for a minute.

Add the  dry red chilies and let fry 

Add the sliced onions and saute till they turn translucent 

Add the chopped ginger, garlic and chopped green chillies and saute 

Add turmeric, kashmiri red chilies powder, coriander powder, garam masala and  veg biryani masala, now saute for a few minutes 

Add the diced tomatoes, mix well adding 2 tablespoons of water and allow it to cook for 5 -6 minutes on low to medium flame mixing regularly. 

add the par boiled vegetables, paneer and mix gently adding salt to taste.

Now add the milk to this gravy, mix and allow it to cook for at least 4 more minutes while stirring gently.

Almost done, now add the good luck sugar and mix it and allow it to cook on medium to low heat for a minute. 

Process : The dum biryani 

Mix well the saffron essence in the curd and add the chopped green coriander.

To the cooked and cooled rice add the mix of curd and coriander and  divide the rice into 2 equal parts to create the layers of the biryani.

Place one part of this rice in the handi and spread it evenly with the help of 

Layer atop this rice with the prepared gravy, spreading it evenly.

Now spread the remaining rice evenly on the gravy as the top layer.

Heat the ghee and pour on the top layer of rice 

Place this handi on a heavy tava and allow the Veg Biryani to cook on dum for another 30-35 minutes on low heat.

Serve hot with raita and masala papad. 

 The aroma of the your handcooked veg biryani cooked  simmered with rich veg biryani masala and veg biryani ingredients is  sure the replicate or score on your current favourite with this traditional and authentic recipe of veg biryani dum that has stood test of time through generations winning hearts with its delectable taste.

 Though you can make it in the microwave too in a giffy but some magic with aroma it exudes when cooked with love and patience!

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