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Experience the taste of Real Chicken while still having Vegetarian Food

So, you love the taste and smell of meat, but don’t eat chicken biryani for ethical, religious, environmental or health reasons? We got the perfect vegetarian
(Plant-based) Chicken Biryani. If you are a Vegan, great! We do not use any dairy in its preparation either!



Well, you should be! This exquisitely flavoured biryani has the taste, texture, mouthfeel and bite of a “real” chicken.

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Cooking Method

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This Biryani is healthy. Plant-based ingredients are a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Research indicates that plant-based diets can be beneficial for weight management, diabetes,and the microbiome. Research also suggests that they may help prevent various health issues, such as hypertension and cardiovascular disease.

Succulent plant-based chicken koftas are cooked together with Vegan cashew enriched gravy and long-grained Basmati along with our secret spices – such that their aromas and juices infuse into each other to create an exquisite medley of flavours and delightful mouthfeel – completing a bold, yet delicate Chicken Biryani experience. 

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