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We at Charcoal Eats are here to bring you an assorted range of delicious biryanis to choose from. The intention is to bring to you the Best biryani in Mumbai at the click of a mouse. And along with it stimulate your ‘Mood’ by providing high-quality ‘Food’ having a taste that compels you to come back to us saying ‘Yeh Dil Maange More’. Our goal is to provide you with the Best biryani order online service available across India. This is done by introducing to you a cooking style that whets your carving for food to a level that compels you to dig into our biryani with relish. The desire is to also deliver to your doorstep a royal meal made with great deal of zeal using authentic aromas & flavours.    

Charcoal Eats is a cloud kitchen in Mumbai here to cook up heavenly tasting biryanis sure to ‘Blow Your Stomach Away’. It is also a virtual kitchen platform set to give you a comprehensive and satisfying ‘E-dining’ experience of your life. We believe in cooking food with lot of care and patience to ensure that you drool over all our meals. Whether it is a biryani, kebab, or rolls we want you to experience the true taste of tandoor cooked food in the comforts of your home. So come order online today only with Charcoal Eats and make your day ‘Yummy’lightful.

Apart from biryanis our speciality also lies in whipping up mouth-watering ‘Gastronomical’ grill delicacies such as kebabs or rolls online that too at prices which are not too ‘Astronomical’. Everything on our menu is prepared in a way that helps in giving you a culinary experience worth remembering.  At the end of your meal filled with spice, there are several ‘Sweet’ delicacies available that are capable of sweetening your mouth and truly worthy of appreciation shown via a ‘Tweet’.

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Making the food, we serve our children!

At Charcoal Eats, we make delicious stuff, but with no compromise, preservatives, added colours or MSG. If it's safe for our children, it's safe for absolutely everyone! The cooking philosophy followed by us involves preparing food high on ‘Quality’ and along with it laying focus on ‘Safety’. Hence, we ensure that our biryanis do not have added preservatives, colours, or MSG. The primary motivation for doing this is because we want every adult and child to enjoy the meal we serve up with ‘Thrill’ and not fall severely ‘Ill’.

Our menu is curated to be an online store in India that makes ‘Biryani for Celebration’. It includes an ‘Environmental and Ethical’ Vegan Chicken Biryani, a treat that consists of no meat but smells and tastes like one. To add a touch of ‘Innovation’ to South Asian cuisine ‘Creation’, Charcoal Eats presents to you a unique and exclusive dish called Mushroom Truffle Biryani, which combines the ‘Mystery’ of French and Italian cuisines with typical colourful and spicy Indian flavours that possess a rich ‘History’. This delicacy has been prepared using a recipe that has not been put to use anywhere around the world. It means that you have the golden opportunity of becoming one of the first people in the world to relish this rare ‘Yummy’ biryani to your ‘Tummy’s’ content.

It is followed by a sumptuous Hyderabadi Chicken Biryani, considered a Famous biryani in Mumbai since this is one dish loved unanimously by all non-vegetarians. To add more variety, the true ‘Spice’ of ‘Life’ Hyderabadi Vegetarian Biriyani, is available for people who love to savour a lip-smacking ‘Clean and Green’ delicacy.

If, you are looking to enjoy a Mumbai famous biryani that makes you feel ‘Tummy’licious’, then all you need to do is place your order online with Charcoal Eats today, to get delivered food that makes you increase your ‘Appetite’ and appreciate each ‘Bite’ with pure ‘Delight’. 

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Food Never Thought of Before

When you order biryani online from us, you are welcomed with the aroma of rich desi spices. Hitting your taste buds are the intricate flavours of India combined with the mystic ingredients from across the world. You are served a perfect blend of modern and antiquity in a single bite. We combine the very delicate French flavours in the form of our special Truffle Biryani. 


For all the vegetarians out there, we have something that will shut all those mouths who claim that Biryani without meat is Pulao. Our Vegan Indian Biryani is one of the bestsellers and tastes the best without any chicken. The plant-based chicken koftas make for a perfect chicken alternative for our Vegan friends to enjoy online biryani home delivery anywhere. 

Every item in our menu is the hard work of our terrific chefs who create timeless recipes, combining your favourite Indian spices and fragrant Basmati rice with world ingredients. Delicately crafting every step of the process of cooking, every menu item was tried and tasted over and over again to bring you the perfect BITE of Indian famous biryani.

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