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Romancing Indian Food,
the French-Italian Way

How do you combine the delicate mystique of the French and Italian cuisines with the bold romance of Indian flavours?


Try our new Truffle Mushroom Biryani! 

We think that our Truffle Biryani is truly unique and no one, anywhere in the world has ever tried making it before. And therefore, you will be amongst the first people in the world to taste this unique dish!

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Cooking Method

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Truffle, also called the “diamond of the kitchen”, is a rare edible mushroom that is highly prized for its unique flavour and aroma. Traditionally grown in southern France and northern Italy, and extremely hard to cultivate, truffle is highly desirable and expensive. Truffle species are highly prized as food, and are used in French, Italian and numerous haute cuisines.

Made using best-in-class long grained, fragrant Basmati rice, mild spices and generous amounts of Truffle* Oil, this Biryani offers the best of both worlds: it celebrates the rich culinary history and art of India, and at the same time, allows our patrons to experience contemporary world flavours.

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