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Experience the Taste of Afghan with Afghani Biryani

The smoky essence in cahoots with loads of dry fruits and juiciness of chicken prepared adequately for the experience never before. Yes! You guessed it right. Charcoal Eats brings to you the perfectly hasb-e-zaiqa Afghani Biryani with the most ethnic taste one can ask for. The variety of dry fruits and spices with chicken or veggies will make you crave for everlasting taste in every bite you take.  

Charcoal Eats offers you a range of Afghani Biryani. 


Be it our Makhmali Afghani Veg Biryani with sauteed vegetables layered in every spoon you take or our Makhmali Afghani Chicken Tikka Biryani layered with Malai Chicken Tikka to fill your mouth with water and your stomach with hunger, Charcoal Eats gives you every reason to pick your phone and order your favourite Afghani Biryani. So, don’t just wait for any occasion to have a delightful meal, instead celebrate every moment with yourself and your people by having our Perfect Afghani Biryani. 

Hurry Up! Gratify your soul with the mild and creamy taste of Charcoal Eats’ Afghani Biryani.

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The temptation that you won't regret after eating Afghani Biryani

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Afghani biryani is an exclusive biryani which feels mild and creamy in mouth. Every grain of basmati rice that goes into your mouth, makes you feel heaven on Earth. Rich and flavourful spice blend from Afghan marinates the succulent chicken cubes cooked over charcoal makes it a Perfect Afghani Chicken Biryani. 

The taste of brown onion, roasted garlic and the creamy fragrance is just little enough to awaken your senses and make you tempted to have the finest taste of Afghani Chicken Biryani. We deliver you a bold yet delicate Afghani Chicken Biryani in which you would experience  the infusement of aromas and juices into each other to create an exquisite medley of flavours and delightful mouthfeel.

No matter if you are feeling low or high, our Makhmali Afghani Veg Biryani and Makhmali Afghani Chicken Tikka Biryani is hailed as the ideal mood lifter and the perfect reward for almost every good possible thing in the world. So, without further delay, let be our Afghani Biryani, another reason to bring your people together over one table and enjoy the taste of goodness and love in every bite. 

We serve you the best Makhmali Biryani accompanied by Onion Raita to make it more delicious. To fill your mouth and soul with creaminess and satisfaction, Order Afghani Biryani online from Charcoal Eats.

Get your authentic Afghani Biryani delivered to your doorstep from Charcoal Eats. We are available on  Zomato and Swiggy, order your favourite Afghani Biryani and get special offers.

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