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What defines a Perfect Roll for you?

A juicy filling inside a crispy wrap? Easy to eat and handy handful meal? A combination of balanced food to go? Taste that stays in your memory?


If you said yes to all these, you are a Roll person. And for a Roll person like you, we have a complete menu to Roll-up your mood.

Wrapped in the goodness of Malabari paratha, every Roll tells a story of its own. Whether it is paneer or it is chicken, our Rolls make for the best memories for your taste buds.

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What makes our Rolls special?

Our Rolls are soaking in the taste of rich spices wrapped inside a delicious Paratha where all the magic happens.

  • Authentic recipes at their core and delectability on the plate

  • The flavour of authentic aromatic Indian spices 

  • The freshest ingredients whether it is paneer or chicken 

  • Authentic South Indian Malabar paratha- crispy on the outside, delicious on the inside

  • Signature Charcoal Eats chutneys and sauces 


Get your favourite roll in the comfort of your home with Charcoal Eats quick delivery and savour on our hot scrumptious rolls. Order Rolls Now! 

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History can sometimes come as a surprise and this is true when it comes to food. Like much other food which originated out of certain needs, Rolls too came into existence out of the need to minimise eating time and utilise the time to work more. Some suggest that in Armenia, peasants specifically, came up with the idea to wrap everything up in Lavash bread. This continued to travel across the world. The idea made a hit when Kathi Roll was served to British babus who did not want to get their hands dirty but could not give up on the taste of meat and spices at the Nizam restaurant in Kolkata in 1932.

Another story that is credited with bringing Rolls into the mainstream is that of Bobby Valentine crafting a club sandwich into a tortilla wrap because of a broken toaster and naming it ‘Club Mex’ in the 1980s. It became permanent on the menu of his restaurant.

Today, it is one of the most ordered segments in all popular restaurants serving comfort food that is super tasty and speaks ease of eating. 

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