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10 most delicious Biryanis you must eat at least once in your lifetime

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

If ever there is a food item in India that can be termed as the ‘God of Food’, it has to be Biryani. It is a South Asian delicacy that needs no introduction because of its heavenly ‘Swad’. As per historical evidence, the Mughals were the first to bring this rice dish to North India. On the other hand, the South of India was fed the Best Biryani imaginable by the Arabs. This mouth-watering delicacy became popular in most destinations across the country. However, it is especially renowned in Lucknow, Old Delhi, and Hyderabad. So, for all food connoisseurs out there who go ‘Gaga’ over a biryani, here is a list of the most delicious Biryani sure to make your ‘Tummy’ want more.

The Hyderabadi ‘Nizamesque’ Biryani

The ‘Taste of Nizam’ is what you experience on having a plateful of the most famous Hyderabadi Biryani prepared using a method known as ‘Dum Pukht’. Hence it is also known as Dum. It is a delightful dish comprising half-boiled rice having layers of fried onions, mint, and cooked meat. This delicacy is truly relished the best and to the fullest along with ‘Raita’, an Indian food item made from curd with raw or cooked vegetables.

Awadhi Chicken Biryani, the true Taste of ‘Royalty'

Did you know that a rice delicacy can taste royal? If you are not aware, you must have a plate of Awadhi Chicken Biryani. It is a classic recipe belonging to a majestic kitchen and is popularly also known as ‘Lucknawi Biryani’. Comprising of pieces of chicken cooked with perfection mixed well with fragrant rice. When added to a brew of roasted spices gives you the best chicken biryani in the country, possessing ‘Asli Awadhi ka Zaika’.

A ‘Nauntanki’ Paneer Makhni Biryani

Filled with pieces of tender paneer is the Makhni Biryani, the ultimate biryani recipe for all vegetarians and a delight for a passionate paneer lover. It is cooked well along with a mix of rice and local spices. Soaked in the creamy texture, this most delicious Biryani is a real treat to the taste buds that can be relished by both young and old and is available for online order only at Charcoal Eats, the best cloud kitchen in Mumbai.

Calicut Chicken Biryani, a true symbol of ‘Malabari’ cuisine

‘Authentic and Unique’ are two words that best describe the Calicut Chicken Biryani. It has such a rich and royal taste that it certainly is a cuisine that is ‘Drool Worthy’. This Famous Biryani recipe is easy, quick to make, and involves mixing chicken with rice and distinct South Indian spice. Be it a festive or celebratory occasion Calicut Chicken Biryani can be prepared for many reasons.

The most delicious Biryani made in a Handi

One of the Best Biryani available in the country is made in a round pot-like vessel wide at the neck and narrow at the base. It is for this reason that it is called Handi Biryani. Cooked slowly, this recipe is tasty and full of aromatic flavours and layers of masalas, milk, chicken, and vegetables. With mouth-watering flavour this biryani is sure to satisfy your gastric system and make your ‘Taste buds go Mmmm’.

A delicious Biryani treat devoid of meat made from ‘Jackfruit’

Kathal Biryani is a dish made from ‘Jackfruit’. It is an alternative option to all the fish and meat biryanis. The soft meat like texture of this biryani makes this delicacy a real treat for vegetarians. Its taste is so awesome that it is very popular in restaurants and a virtual kitchen such as Charcoal Eats, considered the best cloud kitchen in Mumbai.

An ‘Egg’celent biryani

The egg is an ingredient that is commonly used in many Indian recipes. It includes a biryani which is very easy to make, especially for home parties. It comprises a mix of rice cooked with about six boiled eggs and Indian spices. The fresh and spicy dressing on it ensures that this ‘Egg’centric’ dish truly remains palatable.

A Biryani very ‘Atrangi’ because it is ‘Satrangi’

This Biryani is called Satrangi since it resembles the ‘Seven colours of a rainbow’. It comprises, along with rice, a wide array of ingredients such as beetroot, French beans, broccoli, mint, kewda water, saffron, and a host of spices. When consumed, this Biryani makes for a wholesome meal that is sure to make your day ‘Multi-Coloured’. It also possesses a number of nutritious veggies that is sure to ‘Bring’ a lot of ‘Zing’ to your health.

A Chicken Biryani made with a ‘Tender’ touch of coconut

‘Heart-warming’ is a word that best describes this Chicken Biryani filled with coconut milk. It comprises a mix of spices and condiments with rice and simmering chicken pieces. The addition of coconut milk makes this one of the best chicken biryani available. It is a biryani that has in it a ‘Twist’ of chicken and milk that surely will not prove to be disappointing.

A ‘Made in Iran’ Fish Biryani worth relishing

The Iranian fish biryani is a lip-smacking delicacy comprised of luscious fish pieces cooked in a generous mix of spices and nuts. Making it a must-have, Famous Biryani that is sure to set on ‘Fire’ the ‘Desire’ to consume more and increase your appetite.

A typically awesome biryani always possesses a great aroma. Suppose you intend to acquire an aromatic experience of the highest order. In that case, you need to order from some of the most delicious Biryani available online now at Charcoal Eats to get food that compels you to relish every bite that makes your stomach feel good and sets your mood right.

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