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Which is the best Biryani near me?

Updated: Apr 28, 2023

Mumbai- is a city better known for Bollywood, money, dreams, and whatnot; unfortunately, Biryani is not one among them. Suppose you are searching for the best Biryani near me in Mumbai; Mumbai will serve you the world's delicious Biryani from authentic and famous outlets of Biryani in Mumbai. And even if you search for the best Biryani near me home delivery, you wouldn't stay hungry; you will always get the traditional and authentic Biryani taste staying in Mumbai also. Admittedly, you will find far better Biryani in cities such as Lucknow, Kolkata, and even Delhi, but that doesn't mean Mumbai is starved for good Biryani.

Biryani may not be native to Mumbai city, but the country's financial capital comes with its perks. Mumbai serves as a shelter for immigrants from all across the nation searching for better opportunities. They also bring their food with them.

This city has welcomed people from diverse communities with open arms for generations, their cuisines becoming our own. Therefore, even though you might lose the debate with your friend from Lucknow, Kolkata, or Delhi regarding where the best Biryani is prepared, you can be sure that Mumbai's version has a unique flavour that its locals love. Isn't there something to be said about that?

One might associate Mumbai with something other than where one can get the best biryani places. Be it a house party, a family get-together, or even a lunch with colleagues; Biryani Is India's Favourite Dish! Not only is it delicious, but it also isn't cumbersome in the pocket. It's one of the few dishes that one can have by itself. No accompaniments are required! Mumbai does have Delhi, Lucknow, and even Hyderabad as stiff competition. However, a few places in the bay do manage to serve a pretty mean version of what is (arguably) one of the most popular rice dishes in the world.

5 Of The Best Biryani Near Me Home Delivery In Mumbai

We bring you a helping of five of Mumbai's best biryani home delivery services, each imbued with all the right ingredients to celebrate this 'one-pot dish' the way it should be.

1. Charcoal Eats, Multiple Outlets

Get flavourful Biryani and reasonable quantities of it, too, without breaking your bank here at Charcoal Eats. Both veg and non-vegetarians have a wide range of options. The Awadhi Biryani and Chicken Tikka Biryani are among the most liked Biryanis from Charcoal Eats. Explore the range of Veg and Non-Veg Biryani by Charcoal Eats, and let us know which Biryani is your favourite here! You can even ask for the party packs, designed for bigger groups, and gorge on them unapologetically.

2. Daawat-e-Ruksariyat

Ruksar Memon, whose delectable biryanis were so popular with friends that she just started delivering them across Mumbai, is the founder of Daawat-e-Ruksariyat. Even though the menu is constantly changing, one can expect to gorge on everything, from the traditional vegetarian and vegan Kutchi and Bombay-style biryanis (usually served with potatoes and extra masala) to unique variations such as an Arabic chicken Kebab Biryani and a mutton keema biryani.

3. Biryani by Kilo

Biryani by Kilo (BBK) delivers the best-looking and presented biryanis when it ships its cuisine! They offer adorable and conventional earthenware pots with dough-sealed lids, miniature aanch ovens, and votive lights to heat the Biryani at your table. Consequently, there is no need to move the Biryani to serve dishes. But when it comes to the Biryani itself, BBK offers a wide variety. Bone-in and boneless chicken or mutton biryanis in the Lucknowi, Hyderabadi, and Kolkata styles are available for meat lovers.

4. Dawat-e-Biryani

The incredibly brilliant Saif Shaikh's Dawat-e-Biryani, which is exclusively open on the weekends, serves up a mind-numbing 23 variations of chicken biryanis. Shaikh keeps faithful to his heritage by using historical family recipes for several biryani types. But he also uses some incredibly original ones to explore his adventurous side. For instance, the sizzler biryani and two other biryanis, the dragon biryani and the schezwan seek Biryani, are highly influenced by Indian Chinese cuisine. However, the green malai seekh tikka biryani and the smokey tandoori Biryani are one of the best picks for their pure culinary genius and generous serving sizes.

5. The Cutchi Memon Table

The biryanis of Faiziya Soomar's The Cutchi Memon Table are a fascinating fusion of Bengaluru Muslim, Kutchi Memoni, and Bombay Muslim cuisines. Soomar, who grew up in Bengaluru, learned how to cook from her aunt, who also taught cooking classes, at a very young age. Due to this, her biryani delivery menu includes some odd dishes, such as a white biryani and a delicious fish biryani made with pomfret fish and a green masala sauce.

When looking for the best biryani near me that can be delivered to your home, don't get confused by the many options; instead, follow our suggestions, and we guarantee that you will order biryani from those places repeatedly for your loved ones. Order in bulk for events and gatherings so your friends may taste the best biryani in Mumbai.

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